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Calling all Parents

Flawless Dental Group understands the importance of teaching children proper Oral Hygiene from a very early age. Bring in your child today for their first visit. Don't wait until it is too late

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Special Offer for New Patients!!

Call our office today to schedule your first appointment to receive our Special Offer for New Patients: A Full Series of X-Rays, Complete Exam, and Dental Cleaning for only $60.00

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Family Oriented Dental Care

Flawless Dental Group provides full service Family Dental care to all of our patients. Whether it's caring for your child's first tooth or providing care for the elderly, Flawless Dental Group is here to guide you each step of the way!

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What can your Smile do for you?

A Great Smile is a Lifestyle Enhancer - It can build confidence, open new doors, and create opportunities - not to mention it can make you feel great about yourself. At Flawless Dental Group, we can help you get to that level!

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Utilize Your Benefits

We proudly accept a Majority of Dental Insurances to help you achieve your Perfect Smile. If you have questions about your Dental Benefits, don't hesitate to ask our wonderful staff!

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Affordable Dental Care

Great Dental Care should not break the bank. At Flawless Dental Group we offer a variety of Payment Options along with Financing to help you achieve your Individual Dental Needs!

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Providing Comprehensive and Affordable Dental Care

At Flawless Dental Group, we believe that everyone should be entitled to receive the very best Dental Care at an affordable price!
Our policy is to treat each and every patient like family! Our caring and knowledgeable staff along with our team of incredibly talented Dentists are eager to provide you with the very best services that Dentistry has to offer. With Flawless Dental Group, your Perfect Smile is Just Around the Corner!!


Welcome to Our Office!

At Flawless Dental Group, Your Smile, Oral Health, and Absolute Satisfaction are our Number 1 Priority!

Our unique approach enables each one of our patients the opportunity to create their ideal Smile. Whether you are interested in Composite Fillings, Porcelain Veneers, or even Braces - We promise that our office will provide you with the very best! From your very first visit, we will pair you with a Dentist who we feel will be ideal to suit your Individual Dental needs ...

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healthy teeth

About Us

Flawless Dental Group was established in 2010 with one simple goal in mind - provide great Dentistry to all of those in need!

Each and every associate in our practice is carefully chosen to suit all of our patient's needs. We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere where patients can comfortably receive a wide array of Dental Treatment. Our Doctors are phenomenal and they specialize in all facets of Dentistry - from General Restorative Dentistry to Complex Cosmetic Restorations ...

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Office Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 9am - 7pm
Friday: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm
Sun: Closed

Call us today to set up your appointment!

Treatment Options

At Flawless Dental Group we pride ourselves on providing our patients with a wide variety of Dental Services

Many patients simply do not know the endless possibilities that Modern Dentistry has to offer. Let our professional staff help guide you to making the right long term decision for your Healthy Smile! The link below will help you understand all of the treatment options that we currently offer at our practice. Also be sure to check out our Education Video Portal!

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... Questions that are frequently asked by our patients ...


At Flawless Dental Group, we pride ourselves on being In-Network with a Majority of Dental Insurances. By clicking the link above you will be directed to a list of all insurances that we participate with!


At Flawless Dental Group, we offer a variety of Payment options ranging from Cash/Credit Cards to Specialized Dental Financing. The link above will direct you to all of our Financial Options.


You are not alone, many patients have a fear of visiting the dentist. While it may not be the most pleasant experience, we promise to make your procedure as pain free as possible! Don't let fear hinder your Smile!


Absolutely! Walk-In Patients are always welcome at our office. If you are in pain and require immediate treatment, we will not turn you away. Your well being and healthy smile are important to us, so feel free to come on in!


We certainly do! Time constraints are common for many of our patients. We will work with you to provide you the best care possible around your schedule. Scheduling is always flexible and we are open on Saturday from 9am to 4pm!


The American Dental Association recommends scheduling routine checkups every 4-6 months. Every patient will have a unique Dental Treatment Plan, we suggest for you to discuss your unique plan with our team on your next visit!