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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Fun Fact #5: George Washington’s Famous Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, George Washington's famous dentures were not made of wood. His custom chompers were crafted from a mixture of: Hippopotamus Teeth, Elephant Ivory, and even Gold! Thankfully, in today's modern world, there are many more options for dentures, and quite better looking to say the least!
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Fun Fact #4: Smoochie Time

In the Middle Ages, before the time of Advil and Root Canal Treatment, people had many crazy beliefs including Folklore Medicine. One of these tall tales explained that if a person had a terrible toothache, they should kiss a Donkey on the mouth and their toothache would miraculously disappear. Urban Legend or Homeopathic Medicine? Does…
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Fun Fact #3: Veterinary Dentures

Many of you may not know that Giraffes do not have any front teeth on the upper arch of their mouths! While they do have 32 Teeth in total, Giraffes only have molars on the upper arch of their mouths, the front portion has a hard plate that enables them to bite, chew, and eat!…
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Fun Fact #2: Puppy-Vino Mouthwash

We all love our puppies and most of us love wine, but we bet you have never heard of this combination before! In the Middle Ages, people believed that dog's teeth, boiled in wine, made an excellent mouth wash which could be used for for tooth decay prevention. Bonus Fact:  Say Cheese! The calcium and…
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