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Dental Varnish

Everything you need to know about Dental Varnish Treatment

Dental Varnish is a Temporary adhesive form of fluoride that is applied to the surfaces of teeth and is designed to stay on the teeth for several hours. There are primarily two reasons for the use of Dental Varnish. The first is the same as Fluoride Treatment, in the sense that it is used as an application of Fluoride to prevent tooth decay. The second and most common reason to have Dental Varnish Treatment is to reduce tooth sensitivity. Very often patients may feel sensitivity to hot and cold especially around the gum line if enamel or Dentin is eroding. By using Dental Varnish, your Dentist is able to significantly reduce this sensitivity and provide a patient with relief. There are many benefits for the use of Dental Varnish over the use of Fluoride Gel. Some of these include: A Smaller amount yet more potent fluoride used in application, no need for Dental Trays which is great for those with a gag reflex, and Varnish has a sticky consistency which allows it to adhere to the tooth surfaces and stay on the teeth longer than simple Fluoride. Ask our Dentists about some of the other benefits to having Dental Varnish Treatment.

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What to expect during the procedure

Application of Denture Varnish is completely painless. This procedure is usually done after a cleaning and polishing has been completed. Varnish is offered for both children and adults. The treatment itself is identical for both children and adults, regardless if it is used as a fluoride or as a desensitizing material. The patients teeth are first completely dried after which a single serve package of varnish is opened and carefully applied to the tooth surfaces using a microbrush applicator which is included in the pack. It is important not to eat or drink for 1 hour following the fluoride procedure and it is recommended not to brush your teeth for the remainder of the day.