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Fluoride Treatment

Everything you need to know about Dental Fluoride Treatment

The use of fluoride is a debatable concept, but most Dentists believe that Fluoride Application for children is a valuable tooth in fighting and even more so, preventing tooth decay and the onset of cavities. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It also reverses early decay. In children under 6 years of age, fluoride becomes incorporated into the development of permanent teeth, making it difficult for acids to demineralize the teeth. Fluoride also helps speed remineralization as well as disrupts acid production in already erupted teeth of both children and adults.

Fluoride Gel

What to expect during the procedure

Application of Denture Fluoride is completely painless. This procedure is usually done after a cleaning and polishing has been completed. Fluoride is offered for both children and adults. For Children, a small amount of Fluoride Gel is prepared and then carefully applied to all visible tooth surfaces using a microbrush applicator. The Fluoride gel is then allowed to sit for a minute after which it is carefully suctioned off. For adults, the Fluoride procedure is slightly different. A small amount of gel is squeezed into a dental tray and then placed into the mouth for the patient to wear for a moment. Afterwards the tray is removed and the excess material is suctioned off. Once again the Fluoride procedure is completely pain free. It is important not to eat or drink for 1 hour following the fluoride procedure.