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Oral Exam

Everything you need to know about Dental Exams

The very first step when visiting the Dentist is to have an Oral Exam. In this procedure the Dentist will aesthetically examine your mouth to determine your overall oral health. Using a special tool called an explorer they will check each and every tooth for carries (Cavities). They will also review your Dental X-Rays to further determine the condition of your teeth. This is also the time to discuss any any all concerns with your Dentist. If something is bothering you or causing you any pain, this is your chance to address your concerns with your Dentist. This is also the time for you to discuss any of your long term goals and desires for your Smile. If you have always been interested in Crowns, Implants, Whitening, or Veneers, feel free to ask your Dentist all of your questions in this visit.

If your Dentist finds something that needs immediate attention, bearing any time constraints, they will ask you if you would like to address the problem in the same visit. once you have completed your Dental Cleaning.

Medical check-up

What to expect during the procedure

The Dental Exam procedure is typically 100% Painless. You may feel some very slight sensitivity while the Dentist is checking your gum line for plaque buildup and gum recession but this will only happen if you enamel has eroded slightly. The pain (If Any) will be very minimal as this procedure is quick and non invasive by any means. The Oral Exam will immediately segue into your Dental Cleaning and Polishing (Prophylaxis).