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Everything you need to know about Dentures Supported by Implants

Overdentures (also known as Dentures over Implants) are full dentures that are supported by 2 or more implants. This is a great advancement in the Dental Field which enables the patient with a significant comfort advantage when compared to conventional Dentures. Overdentures eliminate the need for ointments and denture glues for the denture the remain secure. Another advantage is that Chewing and speaking becomes much more comfortable and natural. Overdentures also have the added advantage that even if your bone structure changes in the arch, as long as the implant remains steady in its place, the denture will continue to fit properly.

The process works in a very similar manner to the Full / Complete Denture process, except the first step is placing the implants needed to support the denture. Unlike conventional dentures, OverDentures have the advantage of much more retention in the mouth. Patients benefit from feeling that the denture is significantly more secure.

The entire OverDenture process usually takes a little longer than conventional dentures just because the implant process is a little time consuming. Once the implants are placed and healed, fabricating the denture takes about 3-4 visits.

Implant Supported Denture


(1) Gold Standard for Tooth Replacement
(2) An Investment that can Last a Lifetime
(3) Preserves Bone Quality and Quantity
(4) Works and Feels like Natural Teeth
(5) Strong and Stable - No Slippage
(6) No Need for Cremes or Denture Glue
(7) Provides Firm Support for Facial Structures (Lips and Cheeks)
(8) Should never need Replacement or Major Repair

Conventional Full Denture


(1) Older Technology, Basic Replacement
(2) Least Expensive Option (Initial Placement)
(3) Decreased Bone Quality and Quantity
(4) Does not Feel or Function like Natural Teeth
(5) Unstable and Unreliable Long-term
(6) Denture creams and adhesives are usually required
(7) Support of Facial Structures Decreased over time
(8) Will need to be Remade or Relined eventually


What to expect during the procedure

The process of fabricating Dentures is often daunting for patients. Naturally they do not wish to be walking around without teeth any longer than they have to. It is important to understand that the process can not be rushed. While the final dentures are being fabricated, we can make the patient immediate dentures so that they have something to hold them over. It must be mentioned however that immediate full dentures are not intended to fit perfectly. They are designed to be aesthetic place holders so that the patient is not walking around without teeth.

Typically, the entire process for Full Dentures takes 1.5 - 2 months for completion (This does not include the time needed for Implants to be placed and for them to heal). This may vary from time to time depending on the labs schedule. Patients must understand that in order for the dentures to really fit perfectly, we can not skip any steps as each step is important to the final fitting and finish of the dentures.