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Everything you need to know about Pulpotomy Treatment

A pulpotomy is a Dental Procedure where the inflamed pulp, usually on a baby tooth, is Pulpotomyremoved, the area is sterilized, and the pulp chamber is sealed. At times, this procedure can be done on permanent teeth. Primarily this is a very common procedure for Pediatric Dentistry.

How Does Pulpotomy Treatment Treatment Save Your Tooth?

When a cavity gets really deep, close to the pulp of a tooth or even into the pulp, the pulpal tissue becomes irritated and inflamed. If the inflammation and infection continues without treatment, the tooth will likely eventually abscess. In baby molars, a Pulpotomy is used in the process of trying to save and restore the tooth. First, the decay is removed, and then the pulp chamber (the top part, not the canals) is removed. A small cotton ball with medicine is placed to sterilize the area. After a couple of minutes, the cotton ball is removed and the opening is sealed with a temporary filling material. After a pulpotomy on a baby molar, it is usually necessary to place a stainless steel crown to restore the tooth.


What to expect during the procedure

Many patients have a fear of the dentist because they instantly assume “pain” when thinking about dentistry. In reality, the assumed pain is more mental than physical.

Prior to getting a Pulpotomy done, our staff will numb the general area with a topical anesthetic. This is done to slightly numb the area prior to receiving local anesthesia. Depending on the patient, the tooth, and the amount of decay, the Dentist will choose one of several local anesthetics to use. The Doctor will then administer 1 or more shots to the gum around the area where the Pulpotomy will be done. Typically the patient will feel a slight pinch in the area when getting the first shot, and if more shots are required, there are seldom felt as the area becomes numb quite quickly. Once the Dentist has verified that the patient is adequately numb, they will begin the Pulpotomy. At this point the patient should not feel any pain, but if for some reason they do, they should let the team know immediately and more anesthetic will be administered. Once the Dentist has finished the Pulpotomy, they will most likely insert a pre-fabricated Stainless Steel Crown to save the tooth. There is no additional pain or discomfort when the crown is attached as the tooth and surrounding area are already numb. Stainless Steel Crowns are primarily used for children. For adults receiving a pulpotomy, the tooth will be sealed and then finished with temporary filling material until the patient is ready to proceed with a porcelain crown.

After the procedure is complete the patient will still be numb for some time – so we advise patients not to eat until the numbness wears off as they can inadvertently bite their tongue or their lip by accident. Patients may feel a slight pain in the general area where the shot was given once the anesthetics wears off. This is completely normal and will go away within a few hours. Typically, pain medication is not required, but if for any reason the patient remains in pain hours after the procedure, we advise for you to contact the office as soon as possible to speak with your Dentist.