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Simple & Surgical Extractions

Everything you need to know about Simple and Surgical Extractions

Extractions are typically the most feared procedures in the dental field. Most patients have an inherent fear that they will feel each and every step of the process. While we know that this is not the most pleasant experience, as Flawless Dental Group we promise to make this process as pain free as possible so that it’s not like, well …. Pulling teeth!

Simple Extractions
(No Cutting of the Gum)

Simple Extraction
A Simple Dental Extraction is one where the tooth does not require any cutting to access the tooth structure. During any extraction, the Dentist must first have access to the full structure of the tooth. If the tooth that must be removed is already protuding from the gums and has the majority of its crown in tact, this will normally categorize itself as a Simple Extraction. This procedure is less invasive and much easier on the patient as the Dentist only need to elevate and extract the tooth for removal.

Surgical Extraction
(Gums must be Cut to Access Tooth)

Surgical Extraction
A Surgical extraction is one where the doctor does not have optimal access to the full structure of the tooth. The tooth may be impacted as seen above (Meaning it has not breached the surface of the gums, or it may be broken to severly to simply pull out. In these cases, the Dentist is required to do some additional cutting in order to get full access to the tooth structure. This may include cutting the gums or actually cutting the tooth into several pieces in order to have the access needed to remove it.

What to expect during the procedure

First and foremost, we have to explain that you will feel pressure during this procedure. Don’t be Alarmed as this is completely normal.

Prior to the procedure our staff will numb the general area with a topical anesthetic. This is done to slightly numb the area prior to receiving local anesthesia. Depending on the patient, the tooth, number of roots, and pain tolerance, the Dentist will choose one of several local anesthetics to use. The Doctor will then administer 1 or more shots to the gum around the area where the extraction will be performed. Typically the patient will feel a slight pinch in the area when getting the first shot, and if more shots are required, there are seldom felt as the area becomes numb quite quickly. Once the Dentist has verified that the patient is adequately numb, they will begin the Extraction. At this point the patient should not feel any pain, but if for some reason they do, they should let the team know immediately and more anesthetic will be administered.

The extraction process involves loosening the tooth from the gum and bone using special tools known as elevators. Then the dentist will use special forceps to remove the tooth. For surgical procedures, the dentist may have to either cut the gums to access to full tooth structure or they will drill the tooth first to split it into several quadrants. Do not be alarmed, you will be entirely numb for the process. When the Dentist begins to actually extract the tooth, you will feel Pressure, as the Dentist must use some force to remove the tooth. While this is not a comfortable feeling, you should not have any pain what so ever.

After the procedure is complete the patient will still be numb for some time – so we advise patients not to eat until the numbness wears off as they can inadvertently bite their tongue or their lip by accident. Patients may feel pain in the general area of the extraction once the anesthetic wears off. Prior to leaving the office – please make sure to consult with your Dentist in regards to pain medication and after care instructions. Make sure to follow the post operative instructions carefully to avoid any infection to the treated area. If you have significant pain hours after the procedure and if any pain medication prescribed by the dentist is not working for any reason, we advise for you to contact the office as soon as possible to speak with your Dentist.